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What is an electronic invoice?

It is an initiative presented by the Income and Zakat Authority in Saudi Arabia, to replace traditional paper-based processes, with integrated and secure electronic processes It is an invoice that is issued and saved and can be modified electronically within an integrated electronic system between the seller and the buyer Electronic invoices include both tax invoices and simple tax invoices stipulated in the regulation of the Value Added Tax Law

Does Mohamy system support the e-invoice requirements?

Yes, the lawyer system supports the requirements of the first phase of the electronic invoice, which will be applied on 4-12-2021 AD, and work is underway with the Zakat, Income and Customs Authority to implement the requirements of the second phase, which will begin to be implemented gradually at the beginning of 2023 AD.

Examples of some prohibited matters in the first phase of the application of electronic invoice

Create more than one sequence of invoices

Issuing invoices that do not contain all the requirements

Delete invoices

The electronic lawyer platform worked to meet the needs of law firms and law firms to provide And facilitating the processes of registering cases, sessions, customer dues, and the law office With employees, clients with cases, follow-up on the progress of all cases, whether through the electronic lawyer platform and Lawyer app

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